Tuscany meets Bealeton, Virginia…Morais Vineyards

Tuscany meets Bealeton, Virginia…Morais Vineyards

Since the wedding season for Perfect Planning has come to a pause for 2012 and as we are preparing for 2013, it is our time to explore and build relationships with new and exciting event locations.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to embrace a venue that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan area and make you feel as if you were whisked away to romantic landscape of Tuscany.  This local destination venue is in our backyard – Morais Vineyards!

As I was driving down the serene Virginia country roads of Highway 28 and finally approaching Highway 17, I was transformed from sounds of  busy city life to the calmness and simplicity of endless green pastures.  Then suddenly, as I turn onto the estates of Morais Vineyards, I was taken on another journey to somewhere far away and romantic – where am I – Virginia or Tuscany?  I became tranquil and overwhelmed by pure beauty.

The host and event coordinator of Morais Vineyards is Ms. Nicole Warner.  Nicole gave me a private tour of the grounds and every inch of the estates; from the private tasting rooms, the elegant ballroom, the wine cellar, to the grand foyer that greets you as you enter the doors.   There are no words that describe or explain the grace and beauty this establishment embodies – you truly have to visit and see for yourself.  Just to put in an analogy, I am a big wine lover and I had every intention to taste the wines but never directed myself to indulge in a taste because I was so distracted by the character of Morais.  I highly recommend that anyone looking to host an event to let this be your first and only choice.  It is a spectacular destination locale for any special affair.  Call Nicole today!

I snipped a couple of photographs to give you a view of the location – believe me, my photos do not give this place the notoriety it deserves.

Morais Vineyards definitely exemplifies the statement that “Virginia is for Lovers”!

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