2013 Wedding Styles, Part 1…The Dress

2013 Wedding Styles, Part 1…The Dress

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope that each of you had the opportunity to share your holiday with love ones, reflect on old memories, and create new ones.  As I gave my over stuffed body a rest yesterday from my tedious exercise of sprints to the kitchen, I rehearsed in my mind about the styles of 2013 that I thought would grace the minds of brides and planners alike.  The majority of my thoughts are backed by articles written by other professionals in the industry and by famous stylist around the world, and lastly, through my own personal interactions with my clients towards the end of the year and those of 2013.

When it comes to wedding dresses, I see 3 major trends that will be in demand for 2013 – lace, color, and decorative portrait backs.  I can definitely attest to the re-birth of lace, my last couple of Brides had chosen lace gowns as their choice of style and a few of my clients for 2013 have selected lace wedding dresses as their choice of style.  Lace brings old warm charm with a combination of grace, romance and elegance that every Bride is looking to portray in their appearance.

White or Ivory, is that the color of choice? – Well, I see this changing also.  Gone are the days of the “white” wedding dress.  Brides are leaning towards making a bolder statement as they walk down the aisle to their prince.  Leaning away from white, the popular trend is ivory, and in second place even more dramatic colors such as red, pink, gold, and silver.  Celebrities are starting this infamous trend of the non-traditional ivory or white by using dramatic colors.  Just recently actress, Jessica Biel, walked down the aisle to Justin Timberlake in a pink wedding dress.  One of our favorite photographers from North Carolina, “Carolina Media Star“, was commissioned on a wedding and their client were a gold wedding dress – the look was bold, dramatic, elegant, and the Bride was stunning!  I love the idea of using color – it breaks all rules of tradition but brings a bold style of elegance to the new age Bride.

Our last trend on the horizon really relates to the details and intricacy of the dress that let’s everyone say wow as She passes them walking down the aisle…portrait backs – the back of the dress!  Imagine as the doors open guests are in awe at how beautiful She looks as She graces down the aisle, and then as She passes by them another jaw-dropping reaction as the details of the back of her dress takes them to another level of glamour excitement.

To summarize these 3 popular trends will emphasize a strikingly attractive appearance of  glamour and elegance that will leave guest with one phrase, “simply stunning”!

We hope that this has provided you with a glimpse of what is happening for 2013.  Next week we will discuss color palettes – color, color, color!

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